Island Futures

Discover more about the Torres Strait Islander artists who have contributed to the exhibition.

Margaret Harvey with Jo Ze spArks

The Jo Ze Sparks (JZS) are Margaret Harvey and Desmond Connellan, storytellers who work with live performance, installation, film and digital platforms. They are passionate in the reclamation of Indigenous narratives that support the continued survival, dignity and well-being of a people. This work is part of The Gubal Thayemin (winds of change) Project the JZS are co-creating with Awa Jeff Aniba-Waia.

The project centres on Indigenous philosophy for a sustainable future, more specifically of Margaret’s Saibaian bloodline and the issue of climate change.

Kantesha Takai

Passionate about promoting the beauty of Zenadth Kes (Torres  Strait), Kantesha Takai’s photography style is constantly evolving and can be described as natural and dreamy.

Kantesha captures the tropical lifestyle that she enjoys with her partner Corey Ward, who are both born and raised in the Torres Strait.

From island hopping to exploring reef systems, Kantesha and Corey visually document their saltwater adventures. After living in Brisbane for over 10 years, Kantesha and Corey have returned home and are reacquainting themselves with their love for the sea and their Torres Strait culture.

Forever with a camera in hand, Kantesha’s tropical moments are enhanced with tailored and creative editing styles, learnt over years of being behind the lens. Kantesha shares her photos via Instagram @kantesha_takai

Dylan Mooney

Dylan Mooney is a Yuwi man from Mackay, central Queensland, a Torres Strait Islander from Darnley Island and an Australian-born South Sea Islander. Dylan recently completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art at the Queensland College of Art.

His practice includes digital illustrations, drawing, print-making and street art inspired by history, culture, family history and community stories.

Mooney uses his art to share his stories of what it is like to be an Indigenous person in modern Australia. His various mediums capture the struggles and hardships First Nations peoples have gone through and tell the story of resilience and survival and how far Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and South Sea Islander peoples have come.

Christopher Bassi

Christopher Bassi is an Australian artist of Meriam, Yupangathi (Torres Strait and Cape York) and British descent. Bassi’s work is informed by how place, belonging, and how racial and cultural identities intersect.

His art aims to highlight some of the complexities of contemporary cross-cultural experiences by using models of European paintings. His work unravels cultural narratives within historical legacies of exchange and representation, while questioning how painting might function more broadly as a way of engaging with the world and these histories. 

Erub Arts

Merbi Nar ‘ ra Ati – Our Boat’s Journey, 2021. Repurposed wooden canoe panels with carving and charcoal drawing inspired backdrop

By artists from Erub in Torres Strait: Emma Gela, Florence Gutchen, Flora Joe, Lavinia Ketchell, Nancy Kiwat, Nancy Naawi, Racy Oui-Pitt, Evelyn Pitt, Jimmy K Thaiday

Eric Murray Lui

Born on Thursday Island and raised on Poruma, a small community in the Torres Strait, it was a teenage interest in stills photography and video cameras that led Murray Lui to what is now a full-time passion and profession.

He was the first Torres Strait Islander to graduate with a Master of Arts in Cinematography from the prestigious Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS). 

An award-winning cinematographer, his filmography includes feature film Top End Wedding, 4 Seasons of ABC TV’s Rosehaven, NITV’s Grace Beside Me and SBS’s The Family Law. His work has been shown in Australia and internationally.

Rhianna Patrick – Guest Lead Curator

Rhianna Patrick is a media professional with family connections to the Zagareb (Mer) and Wagadagem (Mabuyag) clans of the Torres Strait. 

She has over 20 years media experience and has worked across radio, tv, news, current affairs and joins IndigenousX after a long career with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). 

Rhianna is currently developing IndigenousX’s audio and podcast offerings with support from the Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas. 

Rhianna has a strong passion for Indigenous controlled media and loves all things audio.

Imelda Miller, Curator, Torres Strait Islander and Pacific Indigenous Studies

Imelda Miller is the Curator, Torres Strait Islander and Pacific Indigenous Studies at the Queensland Museum Network, Brisbane, Australia. Imelda works with material culture and archival collections inside and outside of traditional museum environment and spaces to create access to collections for communities of origin. Her collaborative curatorial practice incorporates a combination of cultural practice, community engagement and community-led research and development.